Top 6 Twitch Competitors

In this article, we analyze the top Twitch Competitors. Twitch was founded in the year 2011 by Emmett Shear and Justin Kan and acquired by Amazon in the year 2014. The commercial site serves a worldwide area with optional registration. It has been ranked at 34th position as per the latest list released by Alexa in April 2020.

The daily active-user, concurrent users and monthly broadcasters attached with this portal are estimated at 15 million, 1 million and 2.2 million respectively. Nearly 27,000 partner channels are associated with the amazing platform.

Twitch is one of the top streaming services for video games, real-life streams, creative content, music broadcasts, eSports broadcasts and live streaming. It accounts for 73% of the total hours watched in live streaming and this equals to 9.3 billion streaming hours that has been watched. It is an on-demand as well as live sharing platform that allows gamers to watch, broadcast and talk about the games.

The company allows its creators to accept donations from the individuals viewing its content.  The Twitch streaming devices are Chromecast, Xbox 360, Fire TV, Playstation, Xbox One, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android, iOS and PC.

Recently Twitch has been a part of several scandals that have tarnished its image and reputation in the industry. Some of its prominent clients like Ninja have severed its association and this has paved the way for other high-profile clients like Cory “King Gothalian” Michael, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Activision Blizzard and Jack “CouRage” Dunlop leaving the company abruptly.

The platform is seeing a low period and this is the right time to look for potential Twitch competitors that will assure no-stop great content and better services at reasonable rates.

1. Mixer

Twitch Competitors Mixer

Mixer was founded in the year 2016 by its founders James Boehm and Mathew Salsamendi as Beam and acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016. It was integrated directly into the Xbox division and Windows 10 of the Microsoft and renamed Mixer in the year 2017. The Seattle-based commercial site serves a worldwide area in twenty-one languages with optional registration.

The popular platform accounts for 3% of the total hours watched in live streaming and this equals to 353 million streaming hours that has been watched by viewers. As per the recent reports, Mixer has an estimated sixty-five million active users every month.

Mixer is a live streaming platform of video games that is considered the topmost Twitch competitor. The platform uses HyperZone technology that can swap between screens and it is an undoubted winner if you compare it with the Clip feature of Twitch which requires human effort to select and post the best moments and is not an automatic action like the one offered by Mixer.

Another plus in favour of Mixer is its feature HTML SDK, which allows direct interaction by viewers with the gameplay in supported streams. The onus is on interactivity and allowing viewers actions that can easily influence a stream.

The Twitch competitor Mixer has seen a growth in its viewership as it has gained Ninja as its client, which recently left Twitch. It has also managed to sign another high-profile streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, with a large and loyal fanbase.

The next client to leave Twitch was Cory “King Gothalian” Michael, who signed an exclusive deal with Mixer. Mixer boasts of monetization options and these are a bit similar to Twitch.

Channel subscriptions include Pro account at 7.99 dollars which is a bit higher than the one offered by Twitch basic plan at 4.99 dollars.

2. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming was launched in the year 2015 to compete with Amazon-owned Twitch. It is a video gaming app for live streaming and videos. The platform has decided to tap the on-demand video culture by creating shorter videos.

The growing popularity of YouTube Gaming has been attributed to high-profile games like Mobile Legends:  Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. YouTube Gaming is a direct Twitch competitor and has been trying to steadily boost its competing services. Rival brand Twitch allows video storage in a semi-permanent state through its Highlight Feature and to compete YouTube has started promoting its streaming service aggressively.

Google-owned YouTube is a dominant player in the internet video-on-demand category. It has taken several steps to ante it’s position and better its gaming presence in the industry. It has integrated the YouTube Gaming app with the main website and has seen awesome results because the viewership has suddenly doubled.

The total hours watched on YouTube Gaming increased by an astounding 46% between the first and last quarter of the fiscal year 2019. The popular platform now accounts for 21% of the total hours watched in live streaming and this equals to 2.7 billion streaming hours that has been watched by viewers.

The Twitch competitor YouTube Gaming has seen a growth in its viewership as it has gained a major stake in the online live video market. Jack “CouRage” Dunlop was already posting recorded videos on the YouTube channel and live video presence in Twitch.

He has shifted his allegiance and signed a deal with YouTube for live video also. Recently in January 2020, Twitch took another hit when Activision Blizzard, a gaming studio, left Twitch and signed a multi-year partnership deal with YouTube Gaming for its esports leagues including Overwatch League and Call Of Duty League.

3. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

Facebook is an American origin company that was launched in the year 2004 and is available in nearly one hundred and forty languages in the world. It is a social networking and social media service founded by Mark Zuckerberg and a few of his friends.

Facebook decided to cash in the popularity of Amazon’s Twitch and launched its platform Facebook Gaming in the year 2018 with the help of several gaming streamers, for instance, ThePoolshark, Stommoutain64, Freya Fox and Darkness429.

On 20th April 2020, Facebook launched Facebook Gaming app in Playstore. It was supposed to be released in June 2020 but was preponed because of community demand.

Facebook Gaming platform offers access to Instant Games (a mini-game that can be played on Messenger) live streams and groups. It is a gaming live streams platform where fans can interact with gamers to their heart’s content.

Facebook Gaming is also referred to as and it was launched as a standalone app as well as a tab on the Facebook app. The platform includes an in-stream Rewards feature where the viewer can be gifted in-game rewards while watching streams.

The popular platform accounts for 3% of the total hours watched in live streaming and this equals to 356 million streaming hours that has been watched by viewers. The Twitch competitor managed to score against its rival brand by signing a deal in the year 2019 with Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, who was earlier associated with Twitch.

Facebook Gaming also signed another deal with Gonzalo ZerO Barrios, star streamer of Super Smash Bros. The cherry on the pie was signing a deal with Ronda Rousey on February 18th 2020.

She performed her first live streaming performance on Facebook Gaming and announced that she will continue to do so once every week.

4. Caffeine


Caffeine was launched in the year 2018 by its founders Sam Roberts and Ben Keighran. The commercial site serves a worldwide area with optional registration. It is associated with social broadcasting industry and deals in streaming video and live streaming. The platform has gained immense popularity because of interactive and live content related to entertainment, sports and gaming.

It boasts of receiving nearly one million web visitors every month and most of them are hardcore gamers. The platform supports more than five hundred and sixty games and can access it through an iOS device or a computer.

Caffeine has managed to raise funding of 146 million dollars in three rounds, the latest amongst which was 100 million dollars by Lachlan Murdoch, chairman of 21st Century Fox. He joined the board and created a joint venture called Caffeine Studios.

The platform has now put its onus on streaming content related to gaming, live entertainment, sports and esports. The Twitch competitor has introduced a partnership program where the audience can buy several 3D animated items and use in their favourite streams. They will receive credits for every icon which can be turned into cash by Broadcasters.

Caffeine offers its audience a fast and simple product that any hardcore gamer would simply love and find appealing. It is the latest entrant in the video-game live-streaming and has a clean interface that ensures real-time streaming.

Caffeine is a worthy Twitch competitor as it has managed to grow and create a distinctive place for itself in such a short time. It has entered into partnership deals with celebrities like Offset and Juju Smith-Schuster to host Super Bowl 2020 pre-game celebrations.

Tara Perry has joined Caffeine and streams two distinct shows every Sunday. The platform has also signed exclusive deals with popular streamers Coco the Louder, IamKrisLondon, Stella Chuu and Ohmwrecker.

5. Metacafe


Metacafe is a private company that was founded in the year 2003 and has established headquarters base at San Francisco in the United States. It was acquired by Collective Digital Services in the year 2012. It is a video sharing and hosting platform that deals in shorter-version of entertaining videos in genres like video games, TV, music, games and movies. The streaming service is limited to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States.

The commercial platform has an optional registration and is supported by advertising and hence works with brands associated with entertainment, food and beverage, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

The Metacafe app is available on the PC and includes a minimal interface with easy-going privacy policies. Its strength is its reliable speed for streaming as well as an extensive content collection. There is no age restriction and account creation is not compulsory. It is a favourite of audiences who do not like restrictions of any kind.

Metacafe is considered a strong Twitch competitor in the industry because of live streaming of video games. It streams exclusive, curated and original entertainment video of premium content. The site attracts an estimated fifteen million viewers every month and has a limit of ninety seconds and hence you cannot view any detailed and comprehensive video content.

6. HitBox / Smashcast


HitBox was founded in the year 2013 and acquired by Azubu in the year 2017 and renamed Smashcast. It is associated with video-game live streaming industry and has put its onus on boosting the experience of the mobile user and its monetization technologies.

The commercial site serves a global area with optional registration. There are more than ten million users associated with the platform, which is available in eight languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian etc.

The platform deals in eSports and has announced new features to boost audience engagement called Hype-o-Meter, where fans can cheer for their favourite teams. Other features include integration with Discord and a feed on every profile page.

It supports HTML and does not require IRC for chat facility. The platform has always set itself apart in terms of high quality by focussing in the latest technological advances. It delivers 1080p at 60 frames in just one second.

Live gaming videos have started looking sharper and quicker because of Smashcast. It is now possible for viewers with TV, 4K monitor or a smart device to have amazing content at their fingertips.

Smashcast is considered a strong Twitch competitor although its user base is comparatively very less than that of its rival brand. The smaller community makes it easier to engage audiences and boost interactions.

There are several benefits attached with the portal like custom emotes, transcoding facilities and monthly subscriptions. Users can also try subscriptions and ad-streaming to achieve faster results.

Live broadcasting and game-based video content has attracted serious players from all parts of the world. Although Twitch still commands a dominant market share other platforms have managed to create a distinctive place for themselves in such a short duration that it is almost enviable.

Most of the platforms are growing leaps and bounds and some new ones are taking away market share from the older ones with help of strong content and features.

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