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In this article, we discuss the SWOT analysis of Bentley which is owned by Bentley Capital Limited, a British producer and marketer of SUVs and luxury cars. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, its parent company since 1998. Bentley is headquartered in Crewe, England, and was founded by W. O. Bentley in the year 1919.

Bentley’s prominent models range from the historic sports racing car, Bentley 4 1/2 liter, and Bentley Speed Six. A few of their recent ones are Bentley Turbo R, Bentley R Type, and Bentley Arnage. They produce various luxurious automobiles.

At present, Bentley models are assembled at the Bentley’s Crewe factory and some at Volkswagen’s Dresden factory in Germany. As a brand, Bentley constantly looks forward to contributing to the auto industry and it has come out with marvelous technological innovations. There has been a bond and a unique relationship between the car producers and the ones who drive them. It has helped to create a great story.

Owing to Bentley’s history and its excellent business model in the automobile industry, let us discuss the SWOT analysis of Bentley.

SWOT analysis of Bentley is a guide for the organization to fair better by analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It analyses Bentley’s business model and competitive strategy. Its main goal is to increase various awareness of business decisions and generic business strategies.

Strengths in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Strengths in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Strengths in Bentley SWOT analysis list the key areas that the company fairs well and has got it to this level.

1. Popularity

Bentley cars are very popular as they come with a unique blend of sporty and luxury characteristics in their cars. It also considers the German engineering during the car production from their parent company. This is a noted key strength of the brand that has got it to this level.

2. Brand Value and its Uniqueness

Bentley maintains exclusivity, as it does not believe in promotions. There is a unique feel to possessing these vehicles and every customer feels special on owning one. As these cars are of high quality and expensive, it adds positive points towards differentiation.

3. R&D and Technology –

All Bentley cars are manufactured using superior technology beyond normal cars. It is excellent for durability, speed, and performance. Bentley is technology leader in the automotive industry.

4. Car Designs

Bentley makes the most beautiful cars in the world. Their cars have a good product portfolio that impresses an auto connoisseur. Every time, Bentley has come out with new models and has impressed the world with its modern and suave designs. Its beautiful designs are a key strength of the brand.

5. Brand Value

Bentley has high brand equity that makes them open for competitive advantage. The brand has highlighted itself in a niche market and has been a barrier for many new entrants in the automotive market. Its high brand uniqueness and value are a strength of the brand.

6. Exclusivity

Possessing a Bentley car makes a customer feel very special. This is a key point of the brand because it indicates the exclusivity of a client company and that the customers feel like royals. This brand makes it more special for all customers.

7. Heritage

The brand’s cars are popular for their rich heritage. They were leading the car market before BMW and Audi took over. When people own this car, they become a part in a rich cultural heritage.

Weaknesses in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Weaknesses in Bentley SWOT analysis list the areas where the company lacks and need to reform its strategy.

1. Limited Access

Bentley is not present in many countries and due to this, they lose out on many emerging markets. Many emerging countries have many people who can afford to purchase this brand and are affluent, however, Bentley is not able to address such people. This is a weakness for the brand as it tends to lose potential customers.

2. Long Wait

To maintain the brand’s high standards and exclusivity, it produces less number of cars per year. Due to this, many customers have a longer waiting time to book a car. When there is a longer waiting time, Bentley will lose customers to their competitors like Jaguar-Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, and Daimler. Also, less production indicates a loss in revenue which also indicates the company’s weak point.

3. Small Target Group

Bentley serves a niche segment of people and there is little scope for growth. The target group is small and hence high growth of the brand is not possible. Even though Bentley’s products are a great hit in the market in terms of sales, its unique selling proposition is not defined clearly.

4. Non-environmental Friendly

The brand’s cars are subjected to high environmental pollution and this has been brought to the limelight. One of the company’s manufacturing units is based on the Loop River Power Canal banks. This canal is part of environment hosting and is an essential freshwater estuary. However, Bentley in the process of car production is polluting this canal. The exit of waste heat is causing some changes in the environment. This issue is a weakness for the brand and it impacts the brand value.

Opportunities in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Opportunities in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Opportunities in Bentley SWOT analysis lists the various external factors that help the company to perform better and beat the competitors.

1. Environmental-friendly

Bentley can come up with more environmentally friendly cars and introduce more economic and better fuel usage cars. For example, electric or hybrid. By introducing such cars, their customer base will increase. Due to the increasing fuel prices, it is tough for many people to purchase such cars.

2. Focus more on the Emerging Market

Bentley brand should also come up in various emerging markets. They should put into strong marketing efforts to enter various other countries.

3. Promotions

Bentley creates stunning automobiles, and at the same time should be able to promote them through advertisements. They can also be formulating strategies to sponsor various premium events to exhibit their brand so that it increases its brand recall.

Threats in SWOT Analysis of Bentley

Threats in Bentley SWOT analysis list the various factors that hinder the company’s growth.

1. Changing Government Laws

Government rules and regulations keep changing and are more stringent towards protecting environmental regulations and pollution. Bentley should address this and do the required reformations to ride the change.

2. Increasing Fuel Prices

Fuel prices increase is a major issue and are a threat to the automobile industry. The same threat stands for Bentley and so it should focus on alternative fuels. This will allow serving environmental protection and fulfilling the environmental concern as well.

3. Competitors

Bentley’s competition is more visible due to its marketing strategic planning. However, as Bentley does not have much, it hinders its growth and results in a sales decline.

4. Economy

The economy is a major threat that impacts all ultra-premium players. If the economy goes down, then Bentley will suffer and find it hard to sustain itself in such a situation.

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