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Intrapersonal communication is the communication we do with ourselves. We generally do it via our internal vocalization or reflective thinking due to some internal or external stimulus. It takes place only inside our heads. An individual involved in intrapersonal communication behaves like both- a sender and receiver. Intrapersonal Communication can be stated as self-communication where you might remember something or may think over certain points and facts to come to a concrete decision about something.

People do self-talk through unspoken words to consciously engage with their inner core to analyze, understand, or contemplate things as per their beliefs, understanding, and perceptions. It revolves around the acts of imagination, visualization, recall as well as memory. Intrapersonal Communication is a communication type for which you do not require any other individual. It is the method where you usually converse and communicate with your own self.

What is Intrapersonal Communication?

Definition: Intrapersonal communication is defined as inner communication people do in their heads while thinking, assessing, visualizing, contemplating, feeling, or understanding something. It is the communication that you have with yourself.

This can be in different modes such as involving in self-talks, recalling or remembering something, or just communicating with our own mind, body, heart, and soul. It can be anything such as deciding what you will be wearing for a party or even solving a complicated situation all by yourself.

While most intrapersonal communication takes place in the mind, this process is also otherwise noted in some individuals when they speak out loud to talk to themselves to channelize their contemplations into motivation and then result-driven action.

Intrapersonal vs Interpersonal Communication

While intrapersonal communication takes place with our inner self, interpersonal communication takes place when we communicate with another person.

Interpersonal communication refers to the communications between two or more people through any channel.

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Types of Intrapersonal Communication

Types of Intrapersonal Communication

There can be some specific types of intrapersonal communication that can happen-

1. Self Concept or Self Awareness

This is the most important type of intrapersonal communication that a person has. Every person thinks about a situation or someone else depending upon the values that the person has learned. It is not necessary that two people will visualize or imagine a certain situation in the same way.

How different people are visualizing something depends upon their core values. So, when someone is getting aware of something according to their values, it becomes the first type of intrapersonal communication.

2. Perception

A lot of people may consider self-awareness and perception to be quite similar. While self-awareness is when you understand a particular situation or a person, perception is when you make a notion about that particular situation or someone.

When you have a perception about something, you start taking actions based on such perception only. Self conversations occur quite extensively when you try to understand others’ perceptions in your head. Perception analysis is also based upon the attitudes of the associated individuals.

3. Expectations

The third type of intrapersonal communication is expectations. Again, what a person is expecting will be very different from some other individual.

For example, everyone in this world doesn’t need to wish to have kids after marriage. Some people focus on other things in life such as career, travel, and others while other people are more focused on starting a family soon.

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Examples of Intrapersonal Communication

There can be an enormous number of examples to explain intrapersonal communication in a much better way.

1. Thinking

The most common example of intrapersonal communication is thinking. Humans keep on thinking about several things such as what to have in lunch or what to wear for a party, and so on. Sometimes, thinking may also evolve and take the form of daydreaming.

For example, if you are planning a vacation trip, you might be landing up daydreaming about the activities that you must be doing on your trip. At times, when you are thinking or daydreaming about something too much, you might also start having nocturnal dreams about it.

2. Vocal

A lot of people have a habit of talking to themselves aloud. Whether it is about solving a problem or deciding upon something, such people prefer to speak up to themselves loud in place of thinking in the mind.

There can be many forms of vocal options such as when you are memorizing something loud such as a script, or when you are standing in front of the mirror and motivating yourself about something.

3. Written

Generally, people do not realize but there are several examples of written intrapersonal communication in reality. When you are maintaining a journal of your day-to-day activities, it is intrapersonal communication.

Similarly, when you maintain a routine or a list based on which you do certain activities, this is also a form of intrapersonal communication because you are the one who is going to follow this routine created by you.

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Advantages of Intrapersonal Communication

Advantages of Intrapersonal Communication

Whatever type or form of intrapersonal communication you are good at, they have some eminent advantages to talk about such as-

1. Understanding Your Emotions

One of the most eminent importance of intrapersonal communication is that it makes you alive and distant from a robot. Today, when life has become so busy and hectic, it has become very difficult for everyone to spare time for emotional bonding.

But it is the intrapersonal communication that keeps the emotional feeling still alive in you. When you are able to have a conversation with yourself, you are able to understand yourself and your emotions in a much better way.

2. Empathy

You are able to understand others and empathize with them in a better way only when you are able to feel what they feel.

When you can self-realize what the other person is going through, you are able to understand their feeling in a much better way and thus are able to make decisions that are actually towards the right side.

3. Good Analysis

It is because of the visualization skill of your intrapersonal communication that you are able to analyze any position or situation well.

Of course, when you visualize and imagine something, you can ask questions to understand it well so that you can make the right decisions that are needed.

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4. Better Decision Making

It is quite obvious that due to the above-mentioned advantages, intrapersonal communication helps you in making the right decisions.

The human brain is said to be the most powerful element in this world. The reason behind this is the intrapersonal communication that humans are able to have in order to make decisions.

How to Use Intrapersonal Communication Better?

When intrapersonal communication has got so many advantages, surely it is a great idea to integrate it into your daily life.

Also, when you figure out how to mold the working of your intrapersonal communication efficiently, you are able to get results that are higher in quality.

Here are some of the ways how you can use intrapersonal communication in a proper way to get better results-

1. Maintaining a Schedule

A lot of people have a habit of making a routine or schedule of the activities that they need to do throughout the day.

It not only helps you in completing all your tasks without fail but also allows you to do a lot of self-talking. When you are discussing things with yourself, you are able to sort out many complexities with ease.

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2. Meditate

Often, you are not able to think straight because you are not focused on whatever you are doing. In order to keep your mind away from such haziness, meditation is one of the most ideal ways.

It helps in calming your mind and helps you in focusing so that you can complete your goals efficiently.

3. Positive Self Talk

Staying confident and motivated all the time is not possible. Also, staying connected to someone who may make you feel motivated is also not possible. In such a case, one thing that never fails is the act of positive self-talk.

You can make a routine of self-talking to yourself in front of the mirror 5 minutes a day to boost up your confidence. Also, at times of distress, you can practice calming yourself and gain back confidence soon.

4. Make Goal Plans

Every organization has a set of goals for which they make several plans. But apart from the common goals, individuals also have their own set of personal goals such as completing an MBA for a higher promotion, and so on.

So, you need to plan your goals and the stepping stones to achieve them within your mind. This will help you in remembering the next steps that you need to climb each time when you have achieved a particular goal.

Tips to improve Intrapersonal Communication Skills

1. Get involved in Journaling

  1. You need to manage time to be with your thoughts
  2. Do negotiation of your innermost feelings/sentiments
  3. Use it to unload the clutter in your mind
  4. Opt for prompts for journaling in writing as well as illustrations

2. Constructively use dreaming/daydreaming

  1. Do dream recall
  2. Use REM(rapid eye movement) state to remember dreams
  3. It will tell you so much about our inner thoughts
  4. It can be meditative but not necessarily mindfulness

3. Use the power of self-talk

  1. Use pep talk which is positive self-talk
  2. Use affirmations that empower you
  3. It is a sign of good mental health
  4. Use it to motivate yourself
  5. Use it to push yourself to think critically about what you’re doing
  6. Using respectful self-talk is empowering

4. Imagination and Visualization

  1. Do visualization of certain goals
  2. Try to manifest dreams and goals
  3. Use vision boards
  4. Use collages to empower you by serving as a constant reminder
  5. Do imagination of what success looks like
  6. Set goal posts and objectives


It is often said that people with intrapersonal communication skills are the most creative ones. This is because they are highly skilled in visualization, better decision-making, and conflict management.

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Everyone commutes through intrapersonal mode some time or the other but those who mold up this skill are the ones who always stand ahead of the entire team.

How effective do you consider intrapersonal communication for optimizing personality and empowering an individual? Share some of your instances when intrapersonal interactions empowered you to come out of a mess.

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