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Top 8 Hootsuite Competitors in 2022

Published by: Hitesh Bhasin

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In this article, we list the top Hootsuite competitors and conduct a competitor analysis of Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management tool. If you are finding it difficult to handle several social media accounts at one go then it means that you need a comprehensive tool for social media management and there is no one better at it then the Hootsuite platform. It is a blessing in disguise as it helps the user to deal with multiple social networking profiles, accounts, and business pages through its easy-to-use interface.

Hootsuite is a private business that was launched in the year 2008 by its founders David Tedman, Dario Meli, and Ryan Holmes.  It serves a worldwide area via headquarters based at Vancouver in Canada. The company has spread its presence in one hundred and seventy countries with the help of one thousand staff members located in thirteen cities like Mexico City and Toronto. More than sixteen million users are attached to this high-profile platform. The basic service is free for use but the user will have to pay for all additional features.

Hootsuite is a social media management portal available in multilingual languages. The user interface of the social networking service with the help of a browser-based dashboard provides support to the integration of social networks for sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Hootsuite app directory helps in additional integrations, for instance, Marketo, Tumblr, Storify, and Reddit.

Hootsuite faces competition for social media dashboard tools where the companies have put their onus on the web engagement activities of their clients. It is time to look for Hootsuite competitors so that the user can find software that will offer him the best results at reasonable pricing. Some of the best overall social media marketing solutions compared to Hootsuite are listed below.

1. Sendible


Sendible is a popular choice amongst businesses, marketing agencies, and freelance social media consultants. It is a social media management tool that offers diversified features and capabilities like content suggestions, RSS feed poster, easy access to Canva, the design tool and integrated content library so that the user can manage his daily tasks and social media campaigns with accuracy, ease, and speed. The platform has automation tools that come in handy in increasing followings and driving engagements.

Sendible is a slick platform with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate. The Hootsuite competitor is often referred to as a productivity tool that has twenty integrations with social sharing sites, blogs (Blogger.com, WordPress, Medium), networks (Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook ) and the communication tool slack. It is now possible for the user to schedule content in bulk with images by uploading a CSV file.

The pricing plan of Sendible includes Starter plan, Traction plan, Growth Plan, and large plan at a monthly price of 29 dollars, 99 dollars, 199 dollars, and 299 dollars respectively. The user has the option to sign for a thirty-day free trial to get a hang and understand whether it will suit his requirements or not. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

2. Socialoomph


If you are an avid Twitter fan then the apt social media management tool for you is Socialoomph. This Hootsuite competitor in its initial period had put its onus on Twitter and several advanced features are thus meant for that portal only. The tool helps the user to manage Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn along with App.net, Plurk, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs.

Socialoomph helps to boost productivity solutions by effective management of social media sites. Important features include tweet via mail, DM inbox clean-up, keyword searches, retweets, following the people who follow you, schedule posts from unlimited blogs, and staying engaged with the audience via auto-responder. The best thing about Socialoomph is that it helps to avoid spam because of DM management.

The platform offers several SMM services to its users for free. It is possible to buy additional services at a starting price of 17.97 dollars that is to be paid every two weeks after the free trial of seven days has been used. There is also a Socialoomph Twitter Unlimited plan that will cost the user 6.97 dollars every two weeks.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

The Hootsuite competitor has brands like Stanford University, UPS, PepsiCo, Hyatt, and Dove as its clients. Sprout Social is a compressive tool with a clean dashboard that will help in managing social media marketing of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc in an organized and unified manner. The inbox is used to unite all the messages on a single portal, track the conversations, and join it at appropriate times to remain engaged with the audience.

Sprout social allows the user to delegate SMM tasks to various members of the team who can also collaborate with live updates. Important features of Sprout Special include staying updated with social media activities, analyzing the results of your engagement efforts, monitoring keyword searches that have been performed, and measuring performances with help of analytics reports. It is also possible to add customized logos to the analytics reports and use CRM tools, for instance, advanced scheduling tools and shared customer records in this portal.

The pricing plan of Sprout Social includes Deluxe, Premium, and Team at a monthly price of 59 dollars, 99 dollars, and 500 dollars respectively. There is a free trial offer for the first thirty days and later when you are already a paid member it is possible to cancel or change your plan at any point in time as per the user’s convenience.

4. AgoraPulse


With top clients like Nivea, Volkswagen, MacDonald’s Playstation, Yahoo, and Pepsi, AgoraPulse is no doubt a force to reckon with. The Hootsuite competitor assists in managing the messages as well as social media posts in one place through social media inbox. It is possible to retain old content, comment, and tweet, get updates, and sync social media accounts in real-time, reply review, and tag with help of AgoraPulse.

The tool helps the user to monitor the progress he has made and how engaged his target audience is with the platform through customized analytics reports in PowerPoint format and high-end graphics. It is now possible for the user to categorize the audience automatically or manually by tagging them.

The pricing plan of AgoraPulse includes Medium, Large, X-Large, and Enterprise plan at a monthly price of 99 dollars, 199 dollars, 299 dollars, and 499 dollars respectively. It is possible to cancel monthly subscriptions at any time through the refund policy.

5. ViralHeat


ViralHeat is an effective SMM solution that creates smart streams to take an active part in social conversations and interact with audiences in real-time. It is possible to manage Glassdoor, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with the help of this key tool.

ViralHeat can also track conversations across social media portals, capture major data across all the social channels in real-time, identify trends, analyze and review the trends to understand the scope of his social efforts and lastly make viable decisions for a brand, business, blog, site or products.

ViralHeat assist in empowering the user with critical information and plenty of content so that he can schedule his posts in advance at appropriate times and stay organized. The platform offers customized pricing plans for all users.

6. Buffer


If you are looking for a top-notch Hootsuite competitor then look no further than Buffer as it already has numerous high-profile names like About.com, Fortune, and Business Insider as its clients. It is one of the most popular tools in recent times that assist in scheduling and managing content across social media sites like Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook using a virtual queue.

The user can add his posts as in photos, videos, news, and articles irrespective of the fact that he is traveling is in his office or at his home. He can also change the posting times of his content based on personal convenience so that the posts are shared with the target audience at the best possible times.

The Buffer app provides browser extensions only for Google Chrome and mobile apps only for Android and iOS devices to achieve consistent scheduling. It attracts high traffic to social media profiles and offers valuable reports that will help the user to understand the effect of his post on the audience. It supports RSS feed integration with all of its plans.

For individuals, the company offers a free plan as well a paid plan titled Awesome at 10 dollars per month. The pricing plan for business entities are Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise plans at a monthly price of 99 dollars, 299 dollars, 399 dollars, and 899 dollars respectively.

7. Social Clout

Social Clout

Social Clout is considered a viable Hootsuite competitor as it helps to monitor a brand on social media networks in real-time. The SMM solution is a means of bettering your social engagement with the audience. It provides detailed reports after analyzing the gathered data so that the resulting decisions are the best ones for the user.

It is possible to manage Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, news sites, and online forums with the help of this key tool. It keeps a track of all the social conversations so that the user can ultimately maintain a good and healthy relationship with major stakeholders. The real-time feedback proves a boon as it assists in monitoring keyword searches and uses an analyzer to understand the opinion of the audience about business, brand or product. The best part is that it offers an analysis of the profile of the rival brands so that the user can make comparisons and come to decisions that will be fruitful for him.

The pricing plan of Social Clout includes the Starter plan and Value plan at a monthly price of 49 dollars and 99 dollars respectively. The enterprise plan is variable as it depends on the needs and requirements of its customer. There is also a starter free plan for interested customers that last for the first thirty days.

8. SocialPilot


An important Hootsuite competitor is SocialPilot that integrates audience engagement, analytics, and publishing in a package that is considered affordable if you compare it with Hootsuite. The platform boasts of an effective central dashboard that makes it possible to manage LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with the help of this key tool.

Important features of SocialPilot include team collaboration, visual calendar, basic analytics, automated RSS feeds, customized Facebook branding, and able to schedule posts in various time zones and for different channels.

SocialPilot offers a free trial for interested users that lasts for 14 days and from then onwards the paid plan starts at 10 dollars per month.

Are you interested in the Hootsuite competitors and did you find the above-mentioned information useful? It is a fact that Hootsuite has gained immense recognition as one of the best Social Media Management software that has been able to help with shared inbox and content curation. Remember it is important to move along and keep an eye on alternatives so that you can make viable choices if necessary at the right time.

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