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Top 9 Facebook Competitors in 2022

Published by: Hitesh Bhasin

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Here is a Competitor analysis of Facebook which analyzes the top Facebook Competitors in the world. Facebook is an American origin company that was founded in the year 2004 by its founder Mark Zuckerberg and a few other friends of his. It serves a worldwide area except for some places like China that have it blocked through headquarters based at Menlo Park, California in the United States. The Facebook app is available on Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 3 / 4, Xbox 360 / One, iOS, Android and PC.  As per the Alexa ranks it is placed at 4th position in the world.

Facebook is synonymous with social media and this is why it has been able to occupy the number one spot with an active user base of 2.7 billion users. It is a social networking and social media service that is available in nearly one hundred and forty languages in the world. Important features include adding posts, sharing videos, newsfeed, streaming services and of course stories, instant messaging and photo sharing. Facebook has a unique model where revenues are collected via targeted advertisements.

There was a time when a life without Facebook was unthinkable as the day started and ended with a post on this most popular platform. Various controversies, data protection issues, and hidden terms and conditions have contributed to fading charm and a decrease in its popularity. Criticism has forced people to look for Facebook competitors that will have better privacy options and features. Some of the most important and biggest social media platforms besides Facebook are described below with detailed information.

1. Google


Google is considered the biggest Facebook competitor in the global arena based on advertising. Both the companies are renowned for playing a dominant role in the advertising segment with Google and Facebook occupying 40% and 22.7% of the revenue share. In segments like targeted ads and data monetization both of them try to score one above the other.

Google’s AdWords is in direct competition with social media boost packages of Facebook. AdWords is a “paid search” ads and every time it is clicked the advertisers are charged because of the Pay-per-click scheme. On the other side, Facebook has “paid social” where ads are shown depending upon the most frequent search by the user. Google offers stiff opposition and has introduced Hello, Allo, Hangouts, Google+ and Orkut, etc to compete with its rival brand Facebook.

Google LLC is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It serves a worldwide area with headquarters based in California in the United States. The multinational technology company deals in internet-related products and services and has the distinction of being the most visited website in the world.

2. Amazon


Amazon has a huge presence in the United States with 50% of the total online market share. It has posted 280.522 billion dollars of revenues in the fiscal year 2019. Amazon is considered one of the toughest Facebook competitors based on their product portfolio and in the advertising world where Amazon occupies 8.8% of the share. In the last year, the Facebook market grew by only 0.3% whereas Amazon managed to increase it to 2%.

Facebook is a social networking site whereas Amazon is an e-commerce site. Facebook Marketplace was launched to challenge Amazon’s marketplace and Facebook Watch is placed in direct competition with Amazon Prime. Both the world-renowned brands also compete with each other to attract e-commerce sellers and retailers to advertise through its platform.

Amazon is an American origin public company that was founded in the year 1994 by its founder Jeff Bezos, who is also the CEO and chairman of the company. It serves with headquarters based at Seattle, Washington in the United States and has spread its presence to seventy-three cities in thirty-three countries. Ranked as the most valuable company its product portfolio and active users exceed one hundred and nineteen billion items and one hundred million respectively.

Its current valuation is estimated at trillion dollars and it is its diversified product portfolio that has been a strong contributing factor in maintaining high revenues.

3. Tik Tok


One of the most prominent Facebook competitor based on user-base of seven hundred million users is Tik Tok. The company has decided to adopt a head-on aggressive policy to tackle competition in the market. In the video making segment Tik Tok is any day better placed because of its camera tools like AR, 3D Mask, Face Filters and Pride compared to Facebook which offers very common and basic ones like speed mode, mirror mode, and a flashlight.

Since the year 2018, TikTok has poached and recruited more than 20% of the employees from its rival brand Facebook, which in turn launched Lasso, a standalone video app that has features similar to TikTok.The stats have declared TikTok as the winner in its battle against Facebook as it has a huge user base with 41% in 16 – 24 age range. This is why it can garner more attention per user at 52 minutes a day compared with Facebook where the average user spends only 43 minutes.

Tik Tok is a Chinese origin company developed by its owner company ByteDance.This is a social networking and video-sharing service supported by operating systems of iOS and Android and available in seventy-five languages. Tik Tok has spread its presence to more than one hundred and fifty markets and by February 2019 hit one billion downloads in the global arena. In the years 2018 and 2019, it became the most downloaded app of the App Store.

The app is used to create short music and related lip-sync videos whose length is restricted from three to fifteen seconds as well as short looping videos of length three to sixty seconds.

4. Snapchat


Snapchat is a Facebook competitor when it comes to video and photo sharing and instant messaging. With 210 million daily active users and nearly ten billion videos shared and viewed on Snapchat it has gained immense popularity amongst the teenagers.

Snapchat is an app for multimedia messaging that was developed by Snap Inc and launched in the year 2011. The Proprietary software has evolved with time. At the onset, it focussed on person-to-person photo sharing but currently, it features “Stories” that include 24 hours of chronological content and “Discover”, ad-supported short content.

5. LinkedIn


If you are looking for Facebook competitors in the user base category then LinkedIn occupies a prime spot on the list. By the year 2019, March, LinkedIn has spread its presence to more than two hundred countries with an estimated six hundred and ten million users that are registered and two hundred and fifty million who are active.

LinkedIn was founded in the year 2002 and was launched in the year 2003, May. The platform is used by job-seekers who post their CV and employers who post information about the jobs. The website earns its revenues by giving access to information about its users to recruiters. LinkedIn is one of the best places to communicate with professionals and network with colleagues. Remember it serves as an official site hence links, photos, profiles, and status updates should all be related to work.

Earlier Facebook was a platform for connecting with friends but with the launch of Jobs on Facebook it became a direct competitor of LinkedIn. Both the companies now compete with each other in garnering the most attention of its users and in getting ads in their domain from the advertisers.

6. Twitter


Twitter is considered one of the Facebook competitor based on the user base and their engagement and for garnering as many ads and user attention as they can. By July 2019, Twitter was ranked in 12th position and had a 330 million user base compared with Facebook that had 2.38 billion active users every month. Twitter is slowly and steadily gaining the race by transmitting messages in the live event.

Facebook connects people through posts that are liked and shared whereas Twitter connects interest and ideas and the user can find trending news and follow others. It can also tweet and retweet responses with a limitation of 280 characters.

Twitter is an American origin platform founded in the year 2006 and currently operates via headquarters base at San Francisco in the United States. It is an online website that offers news and social networking to its users. This is a multilingual portal and registered users can like, post and re-tweet but unregistered can only read them.

The status update was one of the important features of Facebook and Twitter has successfully integrated into its site. It has become a favorite of politicians, celebrities and even common men to post videos, photos and share their thoughts. Twitter gives its user the option of making his account public or private so that only your followers can see your activities.

7. YouTube


If you are looking for a Facebook competitor based on the video-sharing industry then YouTube stands at the forefront. It is one of the most frequently visited video-sharing sites in the world with innumerable content and two billion users to its name.

The easy-to-use system, innovative ideas, straightforward availability and video sharing by rating, viewing, uploading and commenting has increased its popularity amongst its users in the worldwide arena. It has corporate as well as user-generated videos with contents like short clips, documentaries, music videos, live streams, video blogging, audio recordings and multipurpose services like education, entertainment, and viable information.

YouTube successfully competes with Facebook Watch in the video-sharing segment and has the distinction of being the second-largest search engine. Longer shelf life is one of the primary reasons for its huge user base.

8. Diaspora


Diaspora is one of the strongest Facebook competitors as it addresses the privacy concern that Facebook has been lax about. It has several features that are similar to Facebook as status updates, commenting on posts, sharing images and posts and controlling who sees your post by public and private settings. It is open-source software that has chat function and can link itself to your Facebook profile.

Diaspora is a free server and social networking website whose framework acts as a private web-server and allows the user to host content with a friend, ISP, cloud-based host, and traditional web-host.

Diaspora is based on a decentralized platform where infrastructure is not stored and collected centrally but is distributed by the users. This means that your private information will remain in your own hands. The network is ad-free and hence manages to stay away from the interference of any kind. It acts as a savior to those who want to hide their identity from others by using pseudonyms.

9. Instagram


Instagram is currently owned by Facebook but still is considered a Facebook competitor. It is an irony no doubt but you can understand the popularity of this site through its active users who have surpassed four hundred million. Instagram is also on the verge of launching Clips, a tool that will help in integrating short videos with music. As of 2020, 1st April, Cristiano Ronaldo with 210 million followers and Ariana Grande with 179 million followers are the top followed male and female on the site.

Instagram is a social networking website for uploading video as well as photo sharing. Initially launched in the year 2010 the platform allows editing the images and videos with filters, location information, and tags. An individual can make his account public where others can browse, like and follow the content.

Instagram gives its users an option to share its posts with approved followers or publicly. It helps a user to maintain contact with friends and family by capturing images of daily moments and updating them on this popular medium.  Sharing stories and posts and following celebrities is an integral part of Instagram which people love.

More and more users are trying to find viable Facebook competitors. It is a daunting task no doubt but the fact of the matter is that already there are several platforms in competition with the tech giant for market share. Why not choose the one that will be a better option for you.

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