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Top 13 Dropbox Competitors in 2022

Published by: Madhubala Minda

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In this article, we conduct a Competitive analysis of Dropbox and analyze the top Dropbox Competitors. There is a huge demand for cloud storage tools as it helps in storing various files on a cloud drive conveniently. These are easy-to-access via smartphones or computer and this is why individuals and organizations are also clamoring for a file hosting service that will prove apt for their personal and professional needs. One company that has been at the forefront of cloud computing and cloud storage is Dropbox.

Dropbox was initially released in the year 2007 by its developer Dropbox, Inc. and founded by its founders Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston, who were MIT students. It was a start-up with initial funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator.  Dropbox is associated with file hosting, client software, personal cloud, and cloud storage services that have bought about a revolutionary change in various industries. It offered initial free cloud storage of 2 GB. With more than half a billion users in registered capacity, there is no doubt about the popularity of this software.

Dropbox supports several operating systems like Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows and is available in twenty-two languages. As per the Alexa rankings that were released in December 2019, Dropbox is placed at 56th position in the world. Dropbox has been the recipient of Best Internet Application in 2010 and Best Software 2009. It has the distinction of being one of the most valuable start-ups in the world as well as the United States with a valuation of nearly 10 billion US dollars. Dropbox has been accorded a privacy rating of five stars from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

There was a time when one could not think beyond Dropbox but in the last few years, the service has seen several disruptions. Nearly fifty million accounts were compromised and this is why everyone is interested in finding Dropbox competitors that will provide better offerings, security, reliability, and features.

Top Dropbox Competitors

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive was launched in the year 2012 by Google and is considered a stiff Dropbox competitor in the market.   By the end of the fiscal year 2018, its active users were estimated at 1.5 billion and stored files at 2 trillion. Google Drive has a clean interface and its web and app version are fool-proof and easy-to-use. One can easily organize his account via drag-and-drop functionality and few clicks.

Google Drive is considered sync and file storage service provider that allows its users to store, sync and share files on their servers. It includes several features like Office Suite for collaborative editing, Google Slides for presentations, Google Sheets for spreadsheets and Google Docs for word processing. Along with the website it provides apps for tablets, iOS, Android, smartphones, macOS and Windows computers.

Google Drive offers a free storage capacity of 15 GB that is a lot better than 2 GB offered by Dropbox. Several people can work simultaneously on the same file with Google Sheets and Google Docs. Users can invite another individual to view, collaborate and download the files you want them to without any email attachment. Google Drive supports integration with several apps and tools that are commonly used by the user. Its software monitors change for the last thirty days and allow the user to undo and redo any changes that you have made.

2. Box


With advanced security, information supremacy and encryption management, Box offer a secure gateway to manage and access content from anywhere. It is considered one of the top Dropbox competitors in the market as both offer several similar services. The box is an open-source portal associated with file hosting and cloud storage industry as it deals in file sharing, collaborating and content management.

The box was launched in the year 2005 as Box.net and currently operates from headquarters based at Redwood City in the United States. It offers 10 GB space as a free package but limits the upload file size to 250 MB and thus it becomes difficult if a user wants to send a larger design or video file on its free version. It also offers other subscription plans at reasonable prices.

Box supports a slick platform and a clean interface that makes it easy to organize files efficiently. It can integrate several apps that are used by people in their business. One can link Box directly to Office and save files over there. It integrates with programs that are popular like Outlook, Office 365 and Google Apps and provides features like custom URLs, granular permissions setting, Box Notes, Box Assured, and Box Capture.

3. OneDrive


If you are looking for DropBox competitor then look no further than One Drive. It was launched in the year 2007 by its owner company Microsoft and is available in one hundred and seven languages. It is already integrated into Microsoft Office apps and is available in Windows 10 computer

OneDrive provides a free storage space of 5 GB along with 5TB, 1TB, and 50 GB options with paid subscription plans. There is a PDF scanner for premium users which is not available for free users. The system has an integrated OneNote support that can write notes, create list and scan documents very fast.

OneDrive deals in sync and file hosting and is an integral part of Office Online services. It gives the user access to store sync and share data and files in the cloud and upload the documents in Microsoft Word directly. The user can gain access to the files from any phone, Mac or PC easily by sending a link with iMessage, text, and email. The personal use version does not come with an encrypted option but the business version does for additional security.

4. FileCloud


One of the Dropbox competitors is FileCloud as it has multiple integration facilities with several plugins, apps and add-ons like Zapier, Outlook, Gmail and Microsoft Office. It offers a free trial to its users with several subscription plans every month.

FileCloud is a sharing platform that offers software solutions and files hosting services for non-government and government organizations like healthcare, finance, design, construction, consulting, communications and advertising. It offers flawless mobile access to the current network shares and is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone, and Android operating systems.  Its powerful interface enables additional security by preventing any data loss.

Important features of FileCloud include back-up, flexible file sharing and workflow automation customized login screen and share and save files on a web-based platform. It automatically syncs all the files that are in the computer to the FileCloud server.   Collaborating has also become much easier as the user can give access to clients or partners to the space created for this purpose. Here he can share specific files and folders while the access to the remaining one remains with him.

5. pCloud


Founded in the year 2013, pCloud is an easy-to-use and secure service that is considered a Dropbox competitor. It can be accessed in both desktop and mobile app and has some high-profile clients like Uber, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Important features of this Dropbox competitor include file management, file back-up, and file versioning. The user can sync and view from any device and uploading, downloading and sharing on this platform is very fast and secured as all the files are protected with multi-layer security.

pCloud has integrated powerful IT skills and the latest technology to offer perfect solutions for personal and professional use. It offers a space of 10 GB for free use which can be extended up to 20 GB whereas Dropbox only offers 2 GB space free and the rest is chargeable. The user needs to drag-and-drop the necessary files in its drive and once it is uploaded he just needs to delete it from the computer.

6. Tresorit


Tresorit is a Dropbox competitor that deals in cloud storage and enhanced security and encryption of data. It is available in five languages and offers services to freelancers, business houses and individuals. Tresorit is accessible via mobile apps, web-based apps and desktop and its software in platforms like Linux, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Tresorit is so sure of its security features that it has offered a bounty of $50,000 to anyone who can breach it. No one to date has been able to. It is a perfect app for people who are fanatic about their privacy. The cryptographic key, zero-knowledge authentication, and end-to-end encryption are applied to all the files that are entrusted to the company to save it from any hacks

Important features include cross-platform support and unlimited recovery. It has an organized interface that enables the uploading of heavy files easily. A free fourteen-day trial is offered to the interested parties. The solo version of Tresorit provides storage space of 2 TB and business version 1TB per user along with extra features like granular access and DRM for additional security.

7. Sync.com

Sync.com is Dropbox competitor

Sync.com is Dropbox competitor as both are platforms of cloud storage that offers services to both large and small business organizations. It allows the sharing of files from users to their co-workers and clients. Just create a link and others can share, view and download the files easily. Sync allows the user to control email notifications, password access, upload capacities, and expiry dates.

Sync.com offers standard solutions for file sharing which is reliable, fast and secure. Users can view, edit and share any file from several devices even if they are online or not. Synchronizing files across mobile devices and computers has become very easy via this portal. Sync.com pays special attention to the privacy features with end-to-end encryption so that the files cannot be tampered with.

Syn.com offers 5 GB of storage space for free on signing up. Once you convince another individual to sign up your storage capacity increases by one GB as part of the referral program.  It has three pricing plans that are applied every month with a thirty-day return policy and a free trial plan.

8. SugarSync


SugarSync was initially released in the year 2009 and deals in cloud storage and active sync by offering tools for access, sharing, sync, and online back-up. The Dropbox competitor is accessible in Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

SugarSync offers one of the best sharing solutions. It has a central space where all the related persons can be its part and any changes made on the shared file will be updated simultaneously in real-time.  It does not have a free plan but offers its user a thirty-day free trial depending on the plan he is interested in.

Joining SugarSync is easy just register with your details and credentials and let the solution work itself.  It has integrated fail-safe and extra security so that all the uploaded folders and files will be safe.

9. SpiderOak


The Dropbox competitor SpiderOak acts as a collaboration tool, file hosting and online backup service by allowing the user to sync, access and share data via the cloud-based server. It offers software and high-end solutions for both corporate houses and individuals

SpiderOak is an open-source portal that does not offer any free storage space. Its features guarantee user participation and are one of the best hybrid options for both back-up and storage.

SpiderOak offers a user-friendly and smooth experience to all its users. After installation, the desktop interface helps the user to manage sync and back-up easily. The latter option helps to create a back-up plan by selecting the required folders and creating a viable schedule. SpiderOak uses zero-knowledge service and end-to-end encryption for better security and safety.

10. CloudMe


The Dropbox competitor CloudMe deals in web applications and online back-up services that provide cloud storage, client software and file sync. It offers client software for WD TV, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows and Windows store server for web browsers and NAS.

Various software and third-party mobile apps are accessible on this platform for better services. CloudMe offers live streaming, sharing, storage, restore and back-up services on a single platform and that too at affordable rates.

It has several pricing options like consumer and business plans that users can choose by their suitability. The consumer can try a free trial with 3 GB storage space and 150 MB file size.

11. Mediafire


Mediafire deals in cloud storage file sync and file hosting services. It offers client software for Web browsers, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The Dropbox competitor Mediafire has several interesting features. It allows free space storage of 10 GB and has subscription plans for greater storage. The links that users share in the free account have ads whereas Premium users do not have to face this problem.

Mediafire has a simple interface and is very easy-to-use. It lets the user keep all the videos, documents, photos etc in a single platform. It has an integrated file manager that helps to organize folders and files easily.

12. ownCloud


The Dropbox competitor’s ownCloud is a content collaboration portal with client-server software. It deals in services related to file-hosting with its software suite. This open-source portal is one of the largest in the global arena with an estimated twenty-five million users and thirteen hundred contributors.

ownCloud was one of the first to offer a free package for its server edition that was easy-to-use against the so-called proprietary products. The user can easily install the app and operate it without any fee on his private server.

ownCloud has an integrated tool password manager that protects and offers the best online security for data and helps to sync passwords for all the devices you are using. It has a polished interface that can support larger files. The fully-cross portal has features like auto-folder sync, server-side encryption, two-factor authentication, scripted automation and file access control for better usage.

13. Pydio


The Dropbox competitor Pydio is a cloud-based software that deals in file sync and sharing services. It is compatible with any server that supports the PHP version. It is a management portal that has been built to meet the specific needs and regulations of a business entity.

Pydio is open-source software that runs on the server of the user. It connects with existing storage and directories of the user that enables the safe-keeping of data in their infrastructure. Pydio offers single access to all data storages to make it more user-friendly. It has an easy-to-install version that is free and is included in its basic version along with a subscription-based version that offers several support services and additional features.

Important features include file sharing within internal and external users with help of download limitation, password protection, public, and private links. It’s simple and secured interface helps the users to collaborate on all documents. Other features include TLS/SSL encryption, online editing and viewing of documents, editing and previewing of image files and in-built video and audio reader.

Yes, Dropbox offers several advantages to its users but it is always better to be on the look-out for software that could serve your interests better and at reasonable rates. Several free and paid apps in the market can easily meet your demands and can prove fast and convenient if you give it a chance.

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