Operant conditioning


What is Operant Conditioning?

Operant Conditioning is referred to as a learning process where an association is made through reinforcement and punishment to encourage or discourage the behavior. Learning … Read more

Learning theories


Five Educational Learning Theories

Learning theories refer to the different learning styles used by educational theorists to construct knowledge. Educational psychology takes the help of relevant theories to boost … Read more

Determinants of personality


5 Major Determinants of Personality

Determinants of personality refer to the various factors that help in personality formation to a marked degree. It is a fact that one’s personality cannot … Read more


Myers-Briggs personality types

Myers-Briggs Personality Types is an indicator that helps to identify a person’s personality type and psychological preferences. It is described as an introspective as well … Read more

Associative Discrimination


What is Associative Discrimination?

Associative discrimination is a type of discrimination in which someone is treated unfairly because of being associated with someone like the spouse, friend, parent, partner, … Read more