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Top Bourbon Brands of 2022

Published by: Hitesh Bhasin

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In this article we list the top Bourbon brands. These Bourbon brands are one of the most popular types of American whiskey which is a barrel-aged distilled liquor mainly made from corn. The name Bourbon is derived from the French Bourbon dynasty as well as from Bourbon County in Kentucky and Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Bourbon is made via mash bill which is the mix of grains that are cooked and fermented to begin the bourbon-making process. Three main grains are mainly used in every bourbon mash bill: Corn, Malted Barley, Rye, or Wheat.

What are the Best Bourbon Brands?

The best bourbon whisky brands include Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Woodford to Reserve, wild turkey, and many more. Aged in oak barrels for 7 to 12 years and created from fermented grain-mash through the distillation process, Bourbon whiskey is an all-time favorite.

Often called a traditional American product, as it shares a close bond with the American culture. This amber-colored liquor established a place for itself among spirit lovers, critics, and connoisseurs, with its balanced flavors and smooth texture.

Flavors of Bourbon whiskeys tend to vary from brand to brand. As ingredients and distillation process tends to vary from brand to brand.

Some well-known Bourbon whisky Brands are mentioned below :

List of 11 Best Bourbon Whisky Brands

1. Blanton’s


A Kentucky-based bourbon brand Blanton’s has been around since 1984. Blanton’s ” Original Single Barrel Bourbon” has been a recipient of a gold medal at the ‘ International Wine And Spirits Competition’, from 1999 to 2004.

And with time, has acquired the reputation of being a special one.

Manufactured by Sazerac company and is distilled in a Buffalo Trace Distillery located in Frankfort. This brand offers a range of bourbon whiskeys, namely Gold Edition, Original Single Barrel Bourbon, Special Reserve, and Straight From The Barrel.

2. Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

An American whiskey brand, Wild Turkey, offers bourbon whiskey, bottled at 101 proof. Wild Turkey bourbons are aged in barrels possessing intense No.4 ” alligator” char for a minimum of 6 years.

Due to which the bourbon acquires a deepened flavor as time passes. As it is a 101 proof version, the bourbon possesses a spicier, hotter, and rough edge than its peers.

3. Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve

An American brand based in Kentucky, the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskeys are distilled in Woodford Reserve Distillery by the Brown-Forman Corporation. The label sells an array of whiskeys starting from Woodford Reserve Master Collection Aged Cask Rye to Woodford Reserve Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey.

In 2005 and 2013, the Woodford Reserve was awarded the gold medal at “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”.

4. Knob Creek

Knob Creek

Created by distiller Booker Noe, Knob Creek is a small batch collection of Jim Beam. Jim Beam provides a small batch collection consisting of four whiskey types: Booker’s, Basil Hayden’s, Baker’s, and Knob Creek.

Knob Creek is a 100 proof version of bourbon, having a rich caramel and brown sugar flavor. Being a part of Jim Beam, it resembles Jim Beam’s shine and possesses a nutty flavor.

5. Jim Beam

Jim Beam

One can find Jim Beam in over 200 countries, but Australia, Germany, and United States remain the brand’s top consumers since its introduction in 1795. Manufactured by the Beam Suntory and distilled at Clermont, that is in Kentucky.

It offers products ranging from ultra-premium whiskeys like Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask Bourbon to straight bourbons like Jim Beam Double Oak and White Whiskeys like Jacob’s Ghost to Jim Beam Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and many more.

Its Black label won a gold medal and’ Gold Outstanding Medal’ consecutively at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2012 and 2013.

6. Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare

A Kentucky-based brand Eagle Rare offers bourbon whiskeys having an alcohol content of 45% and 90 proof. Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky is responsible for manufacturing, distillation, and marketing of this brand’s products.

The brand has a minimum aging period of 10 years, which can go up to a maximum of 17 years. The brand boasts of winning several spirit competitions and has bagged many gold and double-gold medals from 2005 to 2010.

7. Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig

Manufactured in Kentucky at Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Elijah Craig is a super-premium brand in the world of bourbon whiskeys. Owned by the parent company Heaven Hill Distilleries, Elijah Craig has successfully maintained a strong presence in international markets with its variations like 12-Year-Old Small Batch Barrel Proof and Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel of 90 proof.

The brand has been crowned with titles, like” American Whiskey of the Year” in 2011 and “Whiskey of the Year” in 2017 by Whiskey Advocate.

8. Michter’s


Budget brand Michter’s offers alcohols starting from bourbon, rye, American whiskey to sour mash whiskey.

Distilled in Shively Distillery, from where the contract-distilled barrels of whiskey are selected and then are blended to get a balanced flavor imparting the best flavors like sweet, spicy, vanilla, cocoa, and many more.

9. Four Roses

Four Roses

Four Roses is a prestigious brand name in the world of whiskey. Owned by Kirin Brewery Company and manufactured at Lawrenceburg distillery in Kentucky, Four Roses is available across several countries but mainly caters to liquor markets in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

The label provides several bourbon straight whiskeys, like Four Roses Single Barrel 100, Four Roses Small Batch 90, Four Roses Yellow Label 80, and many more.

10. Maker’s mark

Maker's mark

Certainly a little different from the rest of the bourbon brand, as the brand uses wheat as a flavoring ingredient along with corn and malted barley. The brand excludes rye from its ingredients.

Bourbon whiskeys of the Maker’s Mark possess a sweet and soft flavor along with a lasting finish. Producers select red winter wheat as the ingredients, which gives the products such a rich flavor. The brand provides products like Cash Strength, a low barrel bourbon having 108 to 114 proof.

11. Noah’s Mill

Noah's Mill

Produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers in Bardstown of Kentucky, Noah’s Mill is known as one of the finest bourbon whiskey brands.

The characteristic that differentiates The Noah’s Mill from the rest of the bourbon brand is that the products, including the bottles, are hand-crafted. Bourbon whiskey of this brand contains an alcohol content of 57.15% and possesses 114.3 proof.

The Noah’s Mill products are aged in charred barrels for almost 15 years.

12. Evan Williams

Evan Williams

It is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whisky made by the Heaven Hill company bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. Evan Williams is aged for a minimum of four years and it is ranked as one of the world’s best selling whiskey brands, plus it is also understood as one of the best budget bourbons for you.

13. Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle

It is the flagship brand of bourbon whisky and it is owned by the “Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery” company. It is generally regarded as one of the finest bourbons in the world. it enjoys a cult-like following and even famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain and David Chang have favored this at their liquor store.

Wrap Up!

Above mentioned bourbon whiskey brands are just some of the well-known ones. There are numerous bourbon whiskey brands available in the market, and these brands cater to both high-end and budgeted consumers.

Again brands stand out in the crowd with their distinctive flavors and tastes. From the distillation process, blending to flavoring ingredients, every step varies from brand to brand.

What is your favorite small-batch bourbon? Do you also want to add some other bourbons to our list? Share your favorite whisky brand with us in the comments below.

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